After over a decade of aerospace, Jack started his own company and invented security systems that were used by many S. California Banks, governmental agencies, and public utilities.

Mariah & Black Magic were 110 Lb combat robots that Jack designed, built, and entered in televised Battlebots and Robot Wars competitions.

n 2009 Jack invented the PanoFix Panorama Bracket which has since been issued a US Patent. This device simplifies the process of taking panoramic photos. WWW. PanoFix.com

Jack designed and built two moderately spectacular homes and loved the challenges and opportunities to do it his way. If he could live his life over it would be as an architect. For now he loves photographing fine buildings and bridges.

He started half a dozen businesses before finishing high school and an equal number after leaving aerospace. One of those companies is now a multi-billion dollar division of Honeywell Corp.

Jack has published travel photo books on Europe, Iceland, and his home state of Washington that included many of his favorite panoramas. He also published “Practical Panoramic Photography a How To e-book. Jack claims to have visited sixty percent of the world’s countries and he has the passports, and photos to prove it.

Jack would like to be remembered for his creations: the life saving devices, the artfully designed homes, the killer robots, the photos and books that meant so much to him.

Jack Harwick: 
Photographer, Engineer, Inventor, Architect, Entrepreneur, and Author.
Contact by eMail: Jack@HarwickPhotography.com

Jack Started teaching photography while in the tenth grade in a Pasadena Public school. He was chosen as a teacher’s aid because he had a home darkroom and was the staff photographer for the school paper. Sixty years later Jack was teaching photography for the Tri City Digital Camera Club.

Photography was a hobby. His career choice was electronics starting as a technician and working his way up to engineer with 12 years of night school. One of his early jobs was building the electronics for the U2 spy plane camera, later he helped put planes in the sky, satellites in space, and men on the moon. In that time he invented several devices that were used to support the space program.